Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Episode #8


  Inspiration overload, or "Help I've lost my desk!"


Current project : In an attempt to actually get something finished I have been focusing my efforts on just a few projects. This week I spend a great amount of time avoiding knitting the 2nd sleeve on my Ramona Cardigan Its a great pattern and I feel like it would be a good choice for a first sweater. I am just not fond of knitting sleeves.   I started the Dogwood blanket by Tin Can knits for a coworker. I am using Berrocco comfort. Working on this reminded me that I should work some more on my Vivid blanket also be Tin Can knits. I now have 11 squares done.  My car knitting is the sugar high cowl by Megan Williams of the Stockinette Zombies.  

I went on a search for patterns that would use up small amounts of handspun of left over yarn and found several that I really like. 
Chevzam and  the Zam hat by Alexandra Tinsley I love these two patterns and I think they would be great for my Gourmet stash handspun. 

The coloring book collection by Lee meredith is so much fun. 
I also really like the monster cowl pattern that I have seen several people knitting on instagram. I might use my freshly spun Hobbledehoy fall battlings and make one. 
I also talk about Rosemary Hills new collection. The Great Oddments knitdown

We have a family spinning night. I was excited to see my loved ones trying to spin. 
Here is a picture of my Hobbledehoy

Painting and Future Plans

I discussed a recently finished painting of the Celtic god Cernunnos, done with acrylic on cardboard rather then canvas. It's dirt cheap and absorbed moisture well, which makes it quick to dry but it helps to keep your brushes and paint wet. Here is the final result:

 Here is the finished portrait done for my Photoshop class that I've discussed, of Khan from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (The real Khan, of course!)

I also talked about my plans to make a cat bed from paper mache or similar materials. My plan is sort of inspired by Rodger Dean's designs for these virtual reality pods which were being designed back in the early 90's, but didn't make it past the initial production. I couldn't find any good pictures online unfortunately, though I've seen the designs in his book Dragon's Dream. 

Other Crafts

I did some sewing this week. I have started a quilt for my little brother using my stash of Batik fabrics. He wanted a grey and blue quilt so I have picked fabrics that are predominantly in those two colors. I am using a pattern that I have been making for many years that is quick and easy.  Here is a brief description. 
I have two blocks. Block A is a 8 1/2 inch cut square and block B is made up of 16  2 1/2 inch cut squares. The A and B blocks will be alternated on the quilt top. I have cut my fabric into 2 1/2 inch wide strips and will sew them together lengthwise and then cut them into sections. I will post pictures once I get that far. 


We talk about our tradition of running on the Holidays. 
So you can eat both kinds of pie.Actually we find that after a hard run we crave healthy foods so we are more likely to make good choices. (mostly)
To get rid of post party stress.

Come join our Ravelry group at Knitdrawrun podcast

We would also like to wish everyone a Happy November. 


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