Saturday, November 16, 2013

Episode # 7 Grasshopper knitting and Birthday wishes. *updated!*

                        Happy almost Birthday to Ginna.

Painting and other Art goodness:

   Sorry for the delay, I was having to much fun celebrating my B-day by eating cake and watching Dr. Strangelove! As my comic illustrates, I was attempting to write an art history paper, but wound up getting too inspired to continue! (Also, if you're curious the paintings I photoshopped into the comic are Rubens' Raising of the Cross and Caravaggio's Bacchus.)  The Friday before this podcast I spent the afternoon jumping between three different acrylic paintings, and the Saturday before I bought new brush cleaning supplies.
Other then that I have a project in my photoshop class to do a realistic painting-style portrait that I hopefully will be able to show you in our next show notes, along with my recently finished painting.
  This is the previous class project which I have mentioned in other podcasts:
(I think I could have done better on a few things, but I still got an A- on it!)


Stephanie talks about Grasshopper knitting because she spent the weekend jumping from project to project. ( Had a great time doing it too)
Of the needles: Noodle has limbs.
On the needles: The above picture shows all the projects I worked on this weekend.
The Ramona Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith, Sprig by Alana Dakos , Sugar High Cowl by Megan Williams, Arm warmers using Dancing Dog Dyeworks Yarn and Felfs by Cat Bordhi.

Knit slippers and fight cancer.
The art of Felfs book can be found on Ravelry or at  the Cat Bordhi  website
She is donating all the money from the sale of this book to a Cancer research fund. Please go check it out.  You can find the Knitmore girls episode # 255 and  a review of the book here.
You can find an interview with Cat on the Twinset designs podcast episode # 26 here .


Stephanie clears off her bobbins and finishes 4 hanks of yarn. Here is a picture of the wet yarn hanging up to dry.  The wheel has Friend in fiber falkland on it. Next up is the Bag of Hobbledehoy fall battlings. ( there is a picture of these in the last podcast post)

Get your run on :

We talk about how to deal with the time change and running in the dark.
Stay in well lit residential areas. Avoid dark areas and uneven terrain.
Wear things that are highly visible like Glow bracelets and reflective clothing. Glow in the dark shoes.
Layer for the change in weather that comes when the sun sets. 
Have everything ready for your run ahead of time. 

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