Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The socks are coming along pretty quickly. I am just about ready to turn the heels. That is my favorite part of sock knitting. Its like magic.

I love knitting blankets and so my Cascade 220 stash has been pulled out again so that I can start the Vivid blanket by Tincan knits. It will be a fantastic summer of stash project. If I can finish this one and the Missoni Inspired blanket be winter we will be a cozy family.
Tour de Fleece is almost here !!! I love watching the Tour de France and am super excited to do some spinning while I watch this year. My goal is to finish these two fibers before then. They are both 2012 stash. You can see I have already divided them up to make them easier to spin and to hopefully fill my bobbins evenly.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A few notes from the episode.

 Spinning: woolgatherings 24 fiber sampler pack I started with the Corriedale.  I have also  finished half the SAL fiber for the KNITABULLS SAL.

Knitting: In June I hope to finish the Dorica Hoodie and the Aislinn cardigan by Amy Herzog.

This very old sock yarn is working its way into a pair of socks. Ginna has decided they might be for her.

Here we are, finally.

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